Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book Club of 1

I wouldn't consider myself a rabid reader. I did finish the Twilight series in 2 weeks, and re-read Harry Potter each time a new movie is about to come out, but I'm not a literary book worm. So since most of my recommendations for reading material come from the movie theatre I picked up "Water for Elephants". It's coming out soon. I saw the preview for it when we went to see "True Grit". It will be starring Reese Witherspoon and (ironically) Robert Pattinson. I thought to myself, "I'm going to pick that one up and check it out". It was waiting for me on the hold shelf, Thursday at the library and I finished it up last night. It's easy to breeze through a 300 page book, after all those 700 pagers. I was just as enthralled! It is about train traveling circuses of the depression era. I would highly recommend this book. Although it was more than a peek behind the curtain, even the gritty world of the circus was magical. The main character is such a charmer, you can't help but want to sit next to him and listen to his tales. It was also a brilliant take on being old. It made we want to spend more time learning about my grandparent's pasts. I hope you enjoy spending time in this world as much as I did.

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Nikki said...

Both my mom and I have read this book, and I couldn't agree with you more. I checked it out at the library, read it, and went and bought, it's one i had to own. What are you reading next?!