Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A memory

I heard that a friend from school past away last night. I have seen so many people in my life from the past and present die before their time. I am saddened for the loss and for his family. Kenny Lipska and I didn't keep in touch after high school and until this happened I hadn't heard what he had been up to. But I think that sharing your memories of the person is what keeps their spirit alive in the hearts of their close friends and family. So here is my most vivid memory of Kenny. It was the summer after 6th grade. He and I had just met that year when we started at Steinbeck. I don't know that there was a girl at school that hadn't noticed that smile and those eyes. Looking back, he may have been our "McDreamy". I knew I wasn't ever going to be his type, but as a girl that age does, I could hope. So, back to our summer day. I was at home alone, with my 7 year old sister, while our parents were at work. We were passing the time playing, as we did everyday. That day it was restaurant. We had gotten into our dress up box, and some of our mom's clothes and shoes and jewelry to play our parts. We were just about to wrap things up when I noticed someone come to the door. They hadn't knocked, they were just stopping to drop off a flyer and was I shocked when I noticed it was Kenny. Here I am in my mom's clothes, playing with my little sister, not the ideal way to been seen by "McDreamy", so I thought I'd just let him keep going, right? Well, the mistake was telling my little sister who it was. She flew open the door and yelled something at him (I don't remember what) that caused him to turn around, and hello, there I was at the door. I panicked for just a moment, then asked him what he was doing in my neighborhood and if he might want something to drink, whew, quick thinkin'! I thought I had almost avoided too much embarrassment, until he asked what we had been doing and my sister spilled the whole story.
Looking back, it's a sweet story to laugh at, but I will never forget how mortified I felt in the moment. That's my Kenny memory, that's always the one that pops in my head when I think of Ken. But tonight as I watched my husband show our son how to improve his swing my heart broke thinking of Ken's boys and what they and his wife have lost. For that I am so sorry and I pray they will find peace.

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