Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just another day

What does it say about your life when nothing you did today was noteworthy? You have no exciting activity to share, no perspective on an event you might have taken part in, or even neighborhood gossip! Is this a good thing? Make no mistake my life is busy. I do my best to always put my kids first, spend time playing, reading, joking, talking, but I do have things I have to get done each day as well. But for some reason today I've got nothing but a list. Here are the highlights: I took Bobby to a great park, where he got a little dizzy on the tire swing, we had a fun lunch at BJ's totally enthralled in the amazing Magic Bullet infomercial, I had my stamping friends over to make some projects which turned out really cute after stressing all week about what the hell I was going to teach, and I even MADE dinner, no take-out. Funny how we can eat out at breakfast and lunch, but if I make dinner the day was a huge success for me! :) I am looking forward to the plan for tomorrow which is to get the house back in order. Why is it when the house is in order, life is in order. It's a paradox that makes me crazy, because I HATE cleaning house. Thankfully tomorrow is just "picking up" day. :) Then something fun with Bobby again and off to baseball. It's a simple life, but I love it!

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