Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I remember the day Aaron argued his point of why we should move to Elk Grove. He had gotten up for work and I was still in bed. He made all good points, in fact I couldn't come up with one rebuttal, which if you know me, you know is nearly unheard of! I had to admit defeat! I threw the covers up over my head and told him to go, pick a house, call me with the address and I'd meet him there! It was a hideous toddler style tantrum. I was born in San Jose, I lived my whole life in the same house, my ENTIRE family lived within a 1 hour radius. I knew Elk Grove would be a good move for us, but I just couldn't imagine being away from the city and the family that I knew.
We have been here 8 years. We are still exploring the area, and experiencing the local traditions. My favorites; Leatherby's and tubing down the river. As we were sitting at Palermo's Ristorante, a new Elk Grove tradition (and a must try! I realized how at home I felt in this town. I don't know that it matters that it's Elk Grove though. It is being with my husband and my boys. Experiencing life in this town together and with all the people we have built priceless friendships with that make Elk Grove our home town.
I have written and rewritten this entry, but try as I might, I can not express how blessed I feel to be surrounded by such amazing people in this community. I have beautiful girlfriends that I can call on to go to lunch with, stamp with, pick up my kids, vent, laugh, cry, all who help me be a better woman. Having a support system like that makes me feel at home.

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