Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A whispering...

Everyone has heard the old adage "live for today" in it's many forms. It's a great sentiment and the idea behind it sounds like a perfect way to live, but most of us realize it's not practical. So we go on about our day to day lives and get caught up in the little details, and every once in awhile, when our schedules clear, we have a perfect day or that getaway that gives us a sense of spontaneity, that we are living in the moment. I know it's the best most of us can do, we actually do have to live our lives, most of us do have responsibilities that need our attention. But what if a little birdie told you you wouldn't be around for that? What if, while you were sitting on the couch, with your cup of coffee and your calendar, filling in important dates for the year, a soft voice faintly brushed across your consciousness and whispered, "you won't be here for that", as you filled in a camping trip for July. What would you do? I think most of us would want to see all the things we haven't seen and do all the things we haven't done and most of all be with the people we care about, as much as possible. What would you do? Is Paris really that important? Would you be disappointed if you never made it to Mardi Gras? If you had 6 months what would you do? What if you weren't sick? All you heard was that little voice. Would it make you stop and think? Is there anything you would do differently? Would you tell anyone?
I know my first thought would be to be sure everything is taken care of; life insurance, will, letters to my husband, kids, parents and sister and probably get my scrapbooks up to date! :) (I actually already have the letters, I would just update them. I know it seems strange, but I've lost a lot of people in my life before it was their time. It was something I wanted to do.) Then I might just live like I do everyday. Praying for my family, taking care of things, visiting friends, going out to lunch, shopping. I would be much more selective about how I spent my time and maybe it's just me, but I don't think I would feel the need to see the things I haven't seen, experience the things I haven't experienced. I would want to experience life as it will be when I'm gone. I think there is a sense of peace in that. There is one place I would have to go, the beach, I'm a cali girl, it's where my heart is.
I know this seems like a strange entry, but I hope it gives you the opportunity to take stock in your life. I think what I said in the beginning is true, few people can live like they were dying, but if you truly take a moment to consider it, what becomes more clear for you? Hold on to those things, help this enlightenment bring balance to your life. To cut out the things that are wasteful or detrimental and concentrate on all the things that bring light and joy to your life.


Darcy said...

I'm a follower... :) heart u!

Color my Skye said...

i could read your blogs all day... i love u and can't wait til our trip this weekend and the memories we make:) xox