Friday, October 24, 2008

Fancy Nancy

After months of putting it off I was finally able to pick up my very own Fancy Nancy book.  I have no reason to purchase this children's book, as I am the mother of 2 boys.  But from the first moment I laid eyes on this divine little girl I knew I had to add her books to my collection, just for me.  The pictures are each so colorful and creative, I couldn't resist!  I also adore the spirit of this little character.  Maybe some women feel like they have grown up and left their childhood behind, but not me, the child in me is always nearby, so I made an immediate connection to Nancy.  Even as a grown woman I yearn to be fancy, even in everyday life.  This book is a fabulous way for me to escape into the dreamy places a young girl loves to go, like twirling your dress, putting bows in your hair, and putting on mom's make-up.  With 2 boys, the childhood dreams being dreamt up in this house are completely different.  So when I'm feeling like I need a little girly fix, I can go hang out with Nancy for a bit.   
I was never as fancy as Nancy when I was a little girl, but I always aspired to be.  My sister and I played dress up all the time, but I never brought it into my everyday life.  I can now, if I want to  and Nancy has been an inspiration.  I put perfume on today, even though I was just going to help in my son's class and grab a few groceries, and my husband isn't even home! But I was being fancy!  I am going to continue to try to be fancy in my everyday life and to collect the rest of Nancy's books. So if you see me out and about wearing a tiara, or a flower in my hair, you'll know, I'm having a fancy day!

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